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None of Us

Wanda's husband tells her she's made of stardust and Wanda believes him.

Wanda believes everything Michael tells her because she believes in Michael.

She believes the meaning of people's names predict their lives to come.

She believes Marvin Gaye and Steve McQueen aren't half as cool as her eighty six year old Dad.

She believes she can outrun her devastating grief.

When Michael dies unexpectedly one morning at breakfast, Wanda hits the road.

She escapes Toronto, leaving her family behind.

Perhaps the wonders of Manhattan will save her.

Wanda believes her love for Michael can conquer Death.

When she arrives in Greenwich Village she discovers she isn't alone in her belief.






Infertility.  Infidelity. Teen Pregnancy. The fraught mother/daughter bond. Friendship. Power and the lack of it. Silence. Secrets and their consequences. Speaking Women’s Truths.

Now you can explore the complicated world of women's relationships.

This collection of short fiction addresses the complex dynamics in the mother/ daughter relationship, and beyond.

As daughters struggle to raise their voices and be heard, Mother whispers in her ear. Sometimes wise, sometimes naïve, always loving, in these Tales of Mother Wisdom.




A Second Self is Lori Callan's debut novel. This author's fictional account dives deep into a fascinating woman's psyche; Elizabeth I's impossible decisions; and the profound personal cost of those decisions. When a throne requires more than all one woman has to offer, what happens to the human being behind the crown? How is Elizabeth I - one of the most celebrated English Tudor monarchs - a marginalized character in her own story?

Perhaps it has something to do with her mother, Anne Boleyn's execution when Elizabeth is just a toddler. Each mother figure, from governess to lady-in-waiting to stepmother will leave Elizabeth alone to fend for herself. Her forty-five year reign sees her gentlemen advisors concerned mainly with mating her, so a King can replace her.

And what of her staggering personal sacrifice? Passion, love, genuine friendship, even her own identity - all pushed aside for a crown. Maybe the unrelenting solitude pushes her to the margins - the inevitable isolation accompanying Elizabeth I's desire to reign as only the second Queen in England's history. For Elizabeth I, is the cost of a royal wedding simply too high?

What is a friend?

A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

A friend is a second self.


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